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Skip to: main navigation main content sitemap accessibility page. At the heart of our oil stoves is a highly efficient burner that incorporates technology to optimize the mix of combustion air and oil; resulting in an excellent combustion. The H11 oil stove is built from cast iron, which grants it a robust look and has a higher heat retention capacity than steel. Easy to operate, it has as standard, electric push button ignition. All this means that you will reap the benefits of this stoves unmatched performance and efficiency for years to come.

They require no electricity to run once lit. Open the door to the room and let the stove heat a greater area. Low maintenance. Advanced Search. Keywords: Category 1: Please select a Category Browse by Type. Browse by Brand. You may also be interested in Harmony H11 Oil Stove At the heart of our oil stoves is a highly efficient burner that incorporates technology to optimize the mix of combustion air and oil; resulting in an excellent combustion.

Optional coal effect kit is available.

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Find a dealer in your area: Find. Specifications Documents. All rights reserved.

nestor martin oil stove

Rule of thumb oil use H11 S Flue Guide INQuick Links. Table of Contents. Page 2 Always check for any flue blockage before lighting the stove after a prolonged shut down.

Nestor Martin Oil Stoves

Harmony 1 with 3kW boiler and Harmony 3 with 11kW boiler. We make every effort to ensure that the information provided in this document is correct and accurate at the time of printing, but continued updates occur to adapt documents to appliance changes and customer feedback. S LTD. For use Direct draught control used only for while burning wood and some lighting and refuelling.

At all other smokeless coal. For use while lighting, set to maximum, and supplying air down the glass, set to 6mm open during operation. Page 7 Wood and Multifuel Stoves Gas and oil are consistent fuels and stoves can be designed to obtain the maximum heat from them with the user having to do no more than choose a heat setting. Solid fuels are almost infinitely variable and however well a stove has been designed, its performance will ultimately depend on the way the user operates it.

Page 8 Choice of Fuels Wood All wood will burn slightly differently, but the most important differences between woods is their moisture content. Until the moisture has been driven off from the wood it will remain below its combustion temperature. When the outer skin has dried and beginning to burn, much of this heat energy will be wasted having to boil off the water remaining in the core of the wood.

All logs should be split and ideally, quartered. Page Available Accessories Ash Collection The grate can be riddled to encourage ash to fall into the ash pan by locating the riddling tool in the extended connection shaft. Using a left to right action to cause the grate to oscillate.

If it becomes necessary to riddle the stove while it is operating, always riddle the stove before adding new fuel. Page 11 The ash pit door should be closed before lighting a fire in the stove and it should remain closed whilst the stove is operating. Opening the ash pit door when the stove is operating may cause flames to be directed fiercely at the glass and the intense heat will turn the areas of glass hit by the flames, irrevocably, opaquely white.

Page 12 Ensure the ash pan is fitted and empty, then securely close the ash pit door. Harmony 1 with 3kW boiler and Harmony 3 with 7.Menu AAM. Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New Posts. Unread Posts. Posting Guidelines. Search forums. Log in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

Oil Stoves. Thread starter itsalottery Start date 24 Nov Messages 8. Hi, I was considering buying a solid fuel stove but was nearly talked into buying a oil stove by supplier in Galway on the basis that it would suit my lifestyle as I dont have easy access to solid fuel and no storage facilities and also that oil is actually cheaper than solid fuels. Has anybody purchased a Nestor Martin recently its the Harmony model.

If so are they economical and efficient and provide a good heating supply. Shane Frequent Poster. Messages They are a very good oil stove. Oil stoves have vapourizing burners with a catalyst so make sure the installer is certified with OFTEC There is a bit in setting them up and the oil supply pipe must be correctly installed.

Ventilation, flue draught and flue terminal is critical. Installed correctly they are a very nice unit and very good to heat one room. Very good to suit varying lifestyle, turn on, turn off, etc. I am expecting also that the stove will heat more then 1 room. I think its a Harmony 5 model. I am putting it into a living room with double door off into a kitchen. Have I too many expectations. You should also receive a Commissioning Certificate with check list on completion.

They can be very good at heating, so it may or may not heat an adjacent room, depending on room sizes.

nestor martin oil stove

Thanks Shane.Catalytic wood stoves: how they work Premium Line — Contemporary Stoves Vaporizing Burner Technology Fireplace inserts Cast Iron Stoves Multifuel Cast Iron Stoves High Efficiency Burner Technology Installation options The Nestor Martin range of wood appliances now boasts revolutionary combustion technologies which enable stoves to achieve the highest levels of efficiency and controllability, whether commanding warmth to the furthest reaches of the largest home or discreetly providing gentle background heating for the most modest of spaces.

An Eco-friendly choice Protecting the environment is one of our top priorities. The Kyoto Protocol aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and therefore contribute to the fight against global warming. Nestor Martin. Renewable energy is the best way to heat your home efficiently and economically. Our stoves will provide heat and comfort for many years, in an ecological and responsible way.

This will give you a greater amount of energy from the fuel used, reducing heat loss through the chimney and ash production. A roaring blaze or dancing flames: the decision is yours and the result is immediate. The thermostat featured in the remote control allows you to select the desired temperature, and the appliance will automatically self-regulate.

Oil stove burning

A Selection command lets you choose the direction of the air intake and the type of combustion: ignition, wood, lignite briquettes or coal. The air control knob controls the amount of air allowed into the firebox. Operated manually or by remote control, it adjusts the air intake and,consequently, the intensity of the fire.

The contact of the air with the flue gas afterburn causes the particle pollutants to reignite, helping to maintain a clean glass.The pinnacle of wood burning technology, these wood burning and multi fuel stoves offer a new level of performance.

Crafted in Belgium by the leader in home heating technology, the ranges are the result of uncompromising engineering and over years of experience.

Their ancestral tradition as cast iron founders has always been coupled with a spirit of technological innovation, and every Nestor Martin appliance carries with it a technical expertise and an integrity which is unrivaled.

Our Harmony, Stanford and Elgar ranges offer your home the highest efficiencies from a sustainable source with their individual imposing lines giving them enduring style, and a distinguished centre piece for hearth and home. Each Range offers all the innovative technologies and performance that Nestor Martin has become renowned for which are briefly explained below which in our opinion make Nestor Martin the very finest stoves available on the market today.

Plexus Control A single lever air flow selector provides the correct air flow direction for different fuels. Air volume is controlled by rotating cams, giving precise control of the stoves burning rate.

Oil Stoves

A minimum burning rate shutter can be adjusted to suit the performance of the flue and ensures safe burning at all times. ZR Air Distribution The ZR air delivery system delivers its pre-heated air throughout the combustion chamber as a gentle breeze rather than a curtain of air. This means the volatile components of the fuel are burned as a priority, before any unused air is available to cause the fire to generate more volatile components; this ensures clean, complete, combustion.

Double Glazed Door The double glazed door adds extra security, together with increased resistance to tar deposits. When a mistake is made whilst using the stove and the glass becomes dirty, just increase the fire's temperature then the glass burns clean. Part of this standard tests and reports the efficiency of the stove; Nestor Martin boasts some of the highest results ever recorded.

This means only stoves which have passed the very strict smoke control testing can burn wood in these areas.

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The Nestor Martin range has not only passed the requirements but has set new standards by achiving some of the cleanest combustion ever recorded for a stove. That is not all, the Harmony 13 and Stanford 13 is in the only stove range tested for overnight burning as a continuous combusting appliance whilst burning wood.

Hetas Approved All Nestor Martin wood burning stoves are approved by Hetas which is the official body recognised by the government to approve solid fuel domestic heating appliances, fuels and services. The Nestor Martin Family Each range starts with the small 13, which suits smaller cosy rooms.

Slighty larger is the 23, for larger modern living areas. The 33 is suitable for larger spaces or open plan areas. Whilst 43, boast the highest output in the range excellent for heating large room volumes. Display 20 40 60 80 all.

nestor martin oil stove

Recently viewed.Quick Links. See also: Instruction and Installation Manual. Table of Contents. Page 2: Table Of Contents We work hard so that you can enjoy the warmth of your new stove for years to come. If you have questions that are not covered in this manual, please feel free to contact your local Nestor Martin dealer for more information. Page 3: Safety Notice Max.

Check with local building authorities as to what other materials are acceptable. Page 7: Draft Requirements Draft Requirements The appliance is merely one component of larger system. The other equally important component is the venting system. Page 8: Standard Installation Procedure Standard Installation Procedure Position the unit no closer than the minimum clearances to combustible materials.

Check that no overhead cross members in the ceiling or roof will be cut. Reposition unit if necessary, being careful not to move closer than the minimum clearances. Controlling components Fuel Grate Andiron As the knob is rotated counterclockwise, the cam progressively opens the air shutter to allow an increasing amount of air into the stove.

Harmony H11 Oil Stove

Then adjust the Burn Rate Knob to the desired heat output, either manually or with the remote control. Do not allow ash to build up and touch the under side of the grate. A layer of ash left over the grate when burning wood will protect the grate, retain heat, and promote clean combustion. Always keep the area around the unit clean and clear of furniture and other objects. Page Creosote Formation Creosote Formation and Need for Removal When wood is burned slowly, it produces tar and other organic vapors, which combine with expelled moisture to form creosote.

For correct operation, the stove door must be airtight when closed. To adjust the door handle latch, loosen the locking nut and adjust the bolt in or out as required.

Retighten the locking nut.

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Page 22 Parts Diagram - Model H Page 24 Parts Diagram - Model X Page 26 Parts Diagram - Model R This manual is also suitable for: H33 X33 R Print page 1 Print document 31 pages. Cancel Delete.

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Restore password. Upload from disk. Upload from URL.Nestor Martin are a European company that have been around for over years so there is no doubt that they know their craft. Manufacturing cast iron stoves is where their heritage lies, however they have now developed their ranges to include contemporary steel stoves, both freestanding and inserts with updated technology that you would expect from this well respected company.

The range of stoves with varying heat outputs is wide so you are likely to find a model to suit your room size, each individual stove being highly controllable. We particularly like the option of a side-loading door which is a feature in the traditional Harmony range. We can supply all Nestor Martin stoves, so if you do not find the one that you are looking for please give us a call.

The Nestor Martin H series of stoves have an optional remote control; select the temperature you want for your room, and the stove will do the rest.

nestor martin oil stove

The door is double-glazed improving controllability and efficiency. The cast iron top of this stove hinges back allowing you to place your cooking pans directly on top of the stove. For detailed search use our Advanced Search. For friendly guidance and help just contact us To explore our products you're in the right place. Below are some of the Nestor Martin Stoves that we supply. Nestor Martin H series. Nestor Martin Stanford Stoves. The Nestor Martin Stanford range are top quality traditional cast iron stoves.

Free Standing Nestor Martin Stoves 7. The 9kw nominal heat output of the Harmony 33 will suit larger rooms.

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